Future Prospects of   OUR COMPANY


Research and development has always taken the back seat amongst Indian Pharmaceutical companies. In order to stay competitive in the future, Oriscon Biotech (I) Pvt Ltd will have to refocus and invest heavily in R&D.

Oriscon Biotech also needs to take advantage of the recent advances in biotechnology and information technology. The future of the industry will be determined by how well it markets its products to several regions and distributes risks, its forward and backward integration capabilities, its R&D, its consolidation through mergers and acquisitions, co-marketing and licensing agreements.  

Quality management System :


Oriscon Biotech India Private Limited, will have to build its own structure of a Quality Management system, which includes Total Quality Management, Quality Assurance and Quality Control in the all related wings of our own Pharmaceutical Business .

Your company " ORISCON BIOTECH INDIA  PVT LTD "  is dedicated  to provide consistently High Quality Products in the field of Human Health care to the satisfaction of medical professional at large  and the consumers at most economical price. This is being achieved by our best cumulative efforts from the top management to the lowest cadre of the marketing people including workmen by maintaining preset working standards totally aimed at Defect prevention rather than Defect Detection".


Responsibility of Quality Assurance:


Your company's Quality Assurance Department functions in absolute independent environment  to attain the specified standards. Production and Control operations are clearly specified in written procedural measure  to meet the requirements of GMP. The responsibility of QA are included in Line clearances, Batch Record Review, In-process checks & corrections investigation of deviations, self inspection, Trainings, Quick Handling of the market complaints, preparation of documents accordingly  and their distribution to various departments etc.

There are written specifications for all incoming materials like Generic Raw materials, packing materials and finished product. Pharmacopoeias such as IP, BP, and USP, NF are taken as per the fixed standards for Raw  materials, and for all packing materials standard.

However when a new vendor is to be approved as the situations demand ,Oriscon Biotech Private Limited has written down procedures as per  law for approval of new vendors. Stability study of the product and its quality is done when there is a change in manufacturer / vendor / supplier of critical materials like active ingredients of pharmaceutical molecule ,  Primary Packing materials & any critical equipments. 

All finished products are tested to the specified standards as per norms given in specification. All the products of our company are subjected to  chemical and microbiological analysis for total counts of microbes and absence of pathogenic organisms. The products are  released for dispatch after compliance of the products to the specified standards.




Competent workforce : 

Your Company has a pool of personnel with high managerial and best technical competence as also skilled workforce. It has an educated hard working field force personal in the marketing area and professional environment to work for.

Cost-effective :

Your company's track record of development, particularly in the area of improved cost-beneficial marketing strategy for various drug molecules is excellent. It provides a wide variety of generic drugs and sophisticatedly made drug Formulations.

Technology :

Your company  has intended to develop a good marketing network of world-class by investing a lot to establish and strengthen the area in Information Technology.

Globalisation :

Your company is committed to tap the market economy of pharmaceutical sector and . Above all, it has a clear cut strategy to take a big share of pharma market, which is continuously growing at the rate of 18% annually.

Consolidation :

For the first time in many years, your company is finding great opportunities in pharmaceutical marketing . The process of consolidation, which has become a generalized phenomenon in the world pharmaceutical industry, has started taking place in India.


India's US$ 3.1 billion pharmaceutical industry is growing at the rate of 18 percent per year.It is one of the largest and most advanced among the developing countries.Over 20,000 registered pharmaceutical manufacturers exist in the country. The domestic pharmaceuticals industry output is expected to exceed Rs460 billionin the financial year (2010-11), which accounts for merely 2.3% of the global pharmaceutical sector.


Your  company need to attain the right product-mix for sustained future growth. Core competencies will play an important role in determining the future prospects of your company among pharmaceutical companies in the post product-patent regime after 2005. Oriscon Biotech (I) Pvt Ltd, in an effort to consolidate its position, will have to increasingly look at merger and acquisition options of either companies or products . this would help your company to offset loss of new product options, improve its R&D efforts and improve distribution to penetrate markets .