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 Extra-Ordinary General Meeting ( 2008 ) for Authorisation.

                   Extra -Ordinary General Meeting dated 17th May 2008.

Resolution for purchasing a commercial plot in New Delhi in the name of Oriscon Biotech India Private Limited for official purpose and passing out a resolution in this effect and empower Sri Priya Ranjan Shrivastava to make a final decision in this regard .

An Extra -ordinary General Meeting of the Members / Promoters of ORISCON BIOTECH INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED was held on 17th May 2008 at 9.30 AM to 4.30 PM at the Corporate Office in New Delhi as per the provisions of - Para (17) , (18) , (19) ,(20) , and (21) of the Company's Articles of Association of Oriscon Biotech (I) Pvt Ltd .

In the meeting following resolutions are passed and the Members / Promoters present in the meeting has put their signature and authorised Sri Priya Ranjan Shrivastava to carryover the necessary corrections , amendments , changes , additions , alterations , deletion and such other works as may be necessary for the purpose of purchasing & registration of the commercial plot in the name of the company . He is further authorised to collect the registered documents & other papers from the offices of Municipal Corporation of New Delhi (MCD) , and to  sign , execute and enter  into  all sorts of contracts , engagements and agreements pertaining to the registration process with the Government Body , Private Establishment , or Local Authority appointed for the same in this connections . 

It is also decided that all the Promoters / Members of the company hereto shall contribute such sum of money towards the capital fund for the purpose of purchasing a commercial plot in New Delhi in the name of the company as may be mutually agreed-upon and such contribution shall carry an interest @ 14% per annum , unless otherwise mutually decided by the Promoter / Member of the company hereto .

Further, Sri Priya Ranjan Shrivastava is authorised to borrow money and raise loans from any person , State or Central Government , Banking & Financial Corporation or any other Public or Private Body for this purpose of purchasing a commercial plot in New Delhi in the name of the Company .

It is also decided by all the present Promoters / Members that Sri Priya Ranjan Shrivastava , ( Chairman & Managing Director ) of the company is the sole Signatory Authority on behalf of the company [Oriscon Biotech (I) Pvt Ltd] for above stated purpose and will act on behalf of the company as mentioned in   Para (38) , (39) , (40)   & (41) of the Company's ARTICLE OF ASSOCIATION .


Oriscon Biotech (I) Pvt Ltd

         Full Name of Promoter/Director                                   Signature

  • Sri Priya Ranjan Shrivastava
  • Sri Kamlendra Kumar
  • Sri Jugal Sah
  • Dr. Amaresh Kumar Singh
  • Sri Manoj Kumar Thakur
  • Sri Rakesh Chandra Jha
  • Sri Chandan Kumar
  • Sri Kunal Mishra
  • Sri Rupesh Kumar Mishra


Note : This meeting is Presided over by                                                                                                                                                                                                       Sri Manoj Kumar Thakur on this 17th Day , 5th Month & 2008th Year .

                               ( Sri Manoj Kr. Thakur)


Identified & Signed By ( Sri Jugal Sah )   &   ( Dr.Amaresh Kr.Singh )


 In the light of above stated facts I, ----------------------------------------------------------------- am ready to invest money for the above stated cause on terms & conditions stated above . I am sending the application form for allotment of SECURITY - BOND @14% interest per Annum.