We are fast growing company with a wide range of Pharmaceutical Products  


Manufacturing/Marketing at : New Delhi under loan license facility.

 Logo designing at : New Delhi ( Head Office)  ;   Patna & Ranchi ( Area Office )  ADVANTAGE :

Competent  Workforce:  Your  Company  has a pool of personnel with high managerial and technical competence as also skilled workforce. It has an educated hard working field force personal in the marketing area and  professional environment to work for.

Cost-effective : Your Company's track record of development, particularly in the area of improved cost-beneficial marketing strategy for various drug molecules is excellent. It provides a wide variety of generic drugs and sophisticatedly made drug formulations.

Technology:  Your  Company  has intended to develop a good marketing network of world-class by investing a lot to establish and strengthen the area in Information Technology.

Pharma  Marketing:  Your  Company is committed to tap the market economy of pharmaceutical sector and . Above all, it has a clear cut strategy to take a big share of pharma  market, which is continuously growing at the rate of 18% annually.

Consolidation:  For the first time in many years, your company is finding great opportunities in pharmaceutical  marketing . The process of consolidation, which has become a generalized phenomenon in the world pharmaceutical industry, has started taking place in India. 


India's US$ 3.1 billion pharmaceutical industry is growing at the rate of 18 percent per year. It is one of the largest and most advanced among the developing countries.Over 20,000 registered pharmaceutical manufacturers exist in the country. The domestic pharmaceuticals industry output is expected to exceed Rs460 billion in the financial year (2010-11), which accounts for merely 2.3% of the global pharmaceutical sector.  

 Oriscon's Vision       

"We  are  a  company  registered  under  the  Indian  Companies  Act 1956 in  the  year 2006  at  New  Delhi .  At  Oriscon  Biotech  (I)  Pvt  Ltd   Our  philosophy  is  to provide economically  priced  good  quality Pharmaceutical Products  to the humankind at  large.  We also  believe   that  there  should  be no compromise  on  the  health  of a  human   being.    Our  vision  is  to become  a  significant  major  Pharmaceutical   Company in INDIA  by providing   good  quality  &   affordable  economical  medicine  for  the  treatment of all types of life threatening disease. "

 Oriscon's Mission             

"We are  still in  the  process  of  building  our own  fully   integrated,  commercial stage bio  Pharmaceutical  company  that  invents,   develops and markets safe  and effective   small  molecule  drugs  to treat   patients   with debilitating  and  life - threatening  diseases , primarily  in  cancer , tuberculosis  and kala-azar  &  inflammation . 

We intend to make & accomplish this through the following innovative strategies :

"We  are  meticulously making available pharma products , and constantly improving  existing  product mix, thereby carving out a niche for ourselves in the field of pharma  marketing in INDIA. We shall provide total customer satisfaction  through  excellent  quality  control  with economically priced Pharmaceutical Products"


Your Company is dealing in Institutional supply of Pharmaceuticals Generic products with the various procurement departments . Your Company would explore the possibility of entering into the marketing of 30 Branded Pharmaceutical Products under loan license facility in various headquarters in Bihar & Jharkhand.


The  Authorized Share Capital of the company be increased from Rs 40,00,000/- to Rs.2,00,00,000/- by creation of 1600000 -further equity shares of Rs.10/- each ranking pari passu with the existing equity shares of the company."

We have already tied-up with the manufacturer who can provide quality products at most economical price with excellent service having G.M.P standard as required by W.H.O.

Our Company is well equipped for quick manufacturing and supplying to the concerned Distributors (Carrying and Forwarding Agents) in the capital of the Marketing territory.

OUR COMPANY is intended to make available life saving medicines at the most economical price to the needy poor patients who are unable to treat the disease like : Malaria , Kala-azar , Dengue , Tuberculosis besides purchasing  of costly life savings antibiotics. 

Every Company has to concentrate on both fronts the present to  continue  its operation successfully at the current level in the stronghold area for generating operational profit ,and the future to prepare itself for the challenges lying ahead. Since Bihar is considered a Gold Mine for Pharmaceutical Business due to very high rate of consumption of medicine by per capita population. This is the reason that all Pharma Companies have started their marketing  venture from Bihar.

Therefore, this aspects of marketing is on our plus side ; considering the facts that promoters of this company are having eighteen  years of Marketing Experience of each and every town of Bihar & Jharkhand. Our company has set forth the target of achieving optimum sales in the coming year.

Considering today's scenario of cut-throat competition and depleting  margins of profit the company will look forward to enhance its focus on high growth and high margin niche area like-Cardiovascular, Anti-diabetics  and CNS products and also try to exploit synergetic areas for profitability.

Enter the Institutional market - Institutional segment is an untapped market  by so many pharmaceutical companies due to various reasons, our  company wishes to exploit through tenders , direct sales and making direct  interaction with the purchasing section of the concerned institutions,  increasing customer focus is the key to success of any business of any  business today. We will increase the doctors reach in urban centers and 'A'Class  town first and thereafter explore the rural markets.