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The company is required to maintain registers relating to its directors for the information of the registrar of companies. There are mainly three registers which contain information relating to the directors namely:-

Register of director (sec. 303)

Register of directors share holding(sec. 307)

Register of contracts ,companies and firms in which directors are interested(sec. 301)

Every company should maintain a register of directors in its registered office containing information about the directors, managing director, manager and secretary etc.

The register should contain following particulars.

Full name of directors etc, his father name, full Address, name of wife/husband (if married), nationality, his occupation and date of birth etc.

Sec. 303(2) requires that the copy of contents of the register in the prescribed form should be sent to the ROC within thirty days from the date of appointment.

Any change in the managerial personnel including the directors should be notified to the registrar within thirty days from the date of such change -sec. 303(2).

The directors must inform the company of any change for being recorded in the register within thirty days from such change and penalty for default may extend up to 500 Rs. -305.

Sec 308 of the act casts a duty on the Directors and persons deemed to be directors to make disclosure of the shareholdings to enable the company to make necessary entries in the register of Directors.

Any director who fails to comply with this provision shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend up to two years-sec. 308(3).

Sec. 301- Register of contracts, firms and companies in which directors are interested.