We are fast growing company with a wide range of Pharmaceutical Products   

We offer equal Employment Opportunity with Reward & Recognition


 All of us at Oriscon Biotech maintain  certain common beliefs that form the solid structure of the company. We put these are as follows :




To create a proper working environment.


To strictly conform to current good manufacturing practices (CGMP) and current good working practice (CGWP).


To continue our R&D efforts in search for better health care solutions.


To maintain a research base for promoting R&D.


To seek  collaborations with leading organizations in India .






 At  Oriscon Biotech we take care in good marketing practices which contribute towards building a strong organisation:







Equal Employment Opportunities



Employment decisions are based on merit, qualification and ability and not on other extraneous considerations



Open Door Policy



Employees are encouraged to approach their immediate superiors or peers with work-related problems.



Rewards and Recognition



Performances are recognized and suitably rewarded from time to time subject to achieving desired sales targets.



Training and Development



We have a very good training system in place that lays emphasis on GMP training, on-the-job training,



Please send us your cv / resume at  hrd@orisconbiotech.com  We will add it to our database for consideration of any future position matching your interests and skills.

 Note : For present vacant situation please see heading under vacancies on top .