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Our Company follows a general recruitment process through Human - Resources Department .

Recruitment Process :

Joining the "Oriscon   Biotech  India  Private  Limited"


Our company "Oriscon Biotech (I) Pvt Ltd" is an ideal organisation to work and the selection is made purely on merit .

The recruitment and selection is the major function of the human resource department and recruitment process is the first step towards creating the competitive strength and the strategic advantage for the organisations. Recruitment process involves a systematic procedure from sourcing the candidates to arranging and conducting the interviews and requires many resources and time. A general recruitment process is as follows:

Identifying the vacancy:

The recruitment process begins with the human resource department receiving requisitions for recruitment from any department of the company. These contain:

• Posts to be filled
• Number of persons
• Duties to be performed
• Qualifications required

  • Preparing the job description and person specification.
  • Locating and developing the sources of required number and type of employees (Advertising etc).
  • Short-listing and identifying the prospective employee with required characteristics.
  • Arranging the interviews with the selected candidates.
  • Conducting the interview and decision making

1.     Identify vacancy

2.     Prepare job description and person specification

3.     Advertising the vacancy

4.     Managing the response

5.     Short-listing

6.     Arrange interviews

7.     Conducting interview and decision making


The recruitment process is immediately followed by  the selection process i.e. the final interviews and the decision making, conveying the decision and the appointment formalities.


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