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In our experience of working with and observing management over the past years in all kinds of situations, from the leaders of some of the company's core managements and work force at front level, a general rule stands out. We must have to give much more emphasis to the governance, the goals and the strategy of a business organisation to be compatible, and there must be congruence between the expectations of the various interested parties. The basic steps to build and implement a strategy for growth in our organisation is to  deal with the key elements of creating the atmosphere and momentum for growth Clearly, in defining best corporate governance practice, this means that: Our Five Golden Rules of best corporate governance practice are:

  1. Ethics: a clearly ethical basis to the business 
  2. Align Business Goals: appropriate goals, arrived at through the creation of a suitable stakeholder decision making model 
  3. Strategic management: an effective strategy process which incorporates stakeholder value 
  4. Organisation: an organisation suitably structured to effect good corporate governance 
  5. Reporting: reporting systems structured to provide transparency and accountability.