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Chairman & Managing Director's Message : Archives of the very 1st CMD's Message

In the (2007-08) financial year, your company Oriscon Biotech India Pvt Ltd has achieved its financial and operational targets, and continue to grow as a promising Pharmaceutical Company. From the integrated business platform build on solid foundation, your Company has strengthened the base and hopes to do better business, while delivering new products, new services and new markets. This is company's strategy in action and it hopes to achieve the target of   Rs. 1 crore as a capital base in the current  financial year (2008-09).

The Annual Report posed and answered in part the question "what am I doing about the conditions faced during year and whether the Company will be able to launch its product in Bihar as promised by me during last AGM ?"

Oriscon Biotech India Pvt Ltd delivered a solid financial achievement again this year, the capital grows from Rs. 40 Lakhs to Rs. 80 Lakhs in just two years. As a result of this the net value of Company's share of Rs. 10 increases to Rs. 15 in the year 2007 and this year to  Rs. 20 as on 31st March 2008 . The result has confirmation that the company's strategy of generating revenue streams is working, with strong contributions from Promoters / Members and Financers, despite a less favourable season in (2007-08).

As you know success depends on your ability to shape the future by anticipating and responding to change. You should also know that you have never been better positioned to achieve this.

 Investment return for the year has been satisfactory as it is evident from  the fact that your Company has already paid a return of 12% to all the Promoters / Members as per the respective agreements according to their share holdings. Investment income also increased in line with higher interest rates and improved cash flow. As a result of this - Authorised Fund of Shareholders ( Promoters/Members ) becomes double in just two financial years and Present net asset value per share is Rs.20 and therefore ,the value of Rs.10 per share is Rs.20 - An increased in growth of 100% in just two years.

(2007-08) was a challenging year. While the industry was expected to benefit from general economic growth but underwriting discipline and appropriate pricing models was a setback to sustained Pharma growth that remain competitive in a difficult generic & branded market.

 Looking Forward - The Year Ahead

( 2008-09 ) As you will see the business continuing its drive for profitable growth, as your Company build on its core strengths to achieve the strategic objectives. Market activities will focus on leveraging product offerings and the technological platforms that it has developed. People Management continues to focus on an integration of its key activities and closer alignment with HR initiatives - profiling with the best practices.

Operational excellence and underwriting discipline continue to be fundamental strengths of Your Company, which need to be leveraged to achieve its growth targets in a challenging market.


I express my appreciation to all Promoters/Members and the business partners for the continued support and the guidance in the hour of need. The achievements are only possible through the combined efforts of the people associated with the Company Oriscon Biotech India Pvt Ltd - A dynamic business organisation. Every year, I demand a lot from the Pomoters/Members and every year they rise to the challenge. I do believe that success on these fronts will build value for the company, and for all of you share & stakeholders.

I would also like to extend my sincere thanks to all of you for providing unstinting and dedicated service to the Company and looking forward to your continuous esteemed support along with a prosperous rewarding association in the years to come.

On behalf of the board and management,  I thank all of you for your commitment and co-operation !!

 Priya Ranjan Shrivastava

( Chairman & Managing Director)

22June, 2008